November 2016 - Ageing Well

Healthy Peterborough

  • Keep warm this winter

    Older people and their families are being reminded ‘Don’t fall for it!’ as the nights draw in this winter and to think about doing a few small, practical things to help stop slips and trips.

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  • Don't fall for it!

    Improving safety in the home can help you from having falls and injuring yourself, whilst allowing you to continue to live independently. 

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  • Being active reduces the risk of falls and dementia

    Being active in older age is essential for avoiding falls which can cause serious injury and stop you doing the things you enjoy in everyday life.

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  • Eat a healthy, balanced diet to reduce your risk of dementia

    Eating a healthy, balanced diet is important for your physical health and mental health. Staying a healthy weight helps to protect against dementia, throughout your life.

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  • Local Dementia Support

    Based at the Dementia Resource Centre (DRC), the Alzheimer’s Society provides a one-stop shop for residents of Peterborough whose lives are affected by dementia.

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  • Benefits of exercise

    The more you sit, the weaker and more frail you become.  See below for problems you can reduce the risk of avoiding with exercise.

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  • 10 tips for ageing better

    We know it’s not just about living longer, it’s about living healthily and happily for longer. Follow our top 10 tips for ageing better.

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  • Protect yourself from flu

    This article explains how you can help protect yourself and your children against flu this coming winter, and why it’s very important that people who are at increased risk from flu have their free flu vaccination every year.

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  • Services to prevent falls

    The city council's provides a range of services that are focused around Falls Prevention.

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  • Get an NHS Health Check

    Like a ‘midlife MOT’, it aims to control risk factors and help prevent diabetes, heart disease, kidney disease, stroke and dementia.

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  • Previous editions

    View previous editions of Healthy Peterborough, including articles on heart health, alcohol, children's health, stroke, smoking, physical activity and mental health.

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