Nov-Dec 2017

Healthy Peterborough

Healthy Eating

  • Support & Useful Links - Healthy Eating

    There are a number of services who can help support you with healthy eating

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  • Let's get healthy

    Our free healthy lifestyles club running in schools and community settings

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  • Shape up for Life

    A ten week structured programme concerning nutrition and exercise, for adults looking for weight management.

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  • 6 healthy eating tips

    Find out how to achieve a healthy, nutritious diet to help you look and feel your best.

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  • What is a healthy diet?

    Understanding what to eat as part of a healthy balanced diet can be confusing. There are five main types of foods to include in your diet, and it is important to each a variety of different foods within each group.

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  • Eating more fruit and veg

    Do you and your family eat the recommended five portions of fruit and vegetables a day? A few small changes can help to increase your intake.

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  • Healthy weight loss

    Just one in three Peterborough adults are a healthy weight. There is no ideal weight that suits everyone. Each person is different and your healthy weight is determined by factors that are unique to you.

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  • Don’t Pass the Salt!

    Many of us eat too much salt without realising.  You may be surprised that most of the salt we eat is hidden in the foods we buy or eat out.

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  • Be Food Smart

    A new "Be Food Smart" app has been launched which allows people to scan the barcode of everyday food and drink products and see how much total sugar, saturated fat and salt they contain.

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  • Cut Back on Fat!

    We all need to eat less fat to help keep ourselves healthy. Too much fat in our diet can cause us to gain weight and increase our risk of heart disease and stroke.

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  • Takeaways and Eating Out

    Many takeaway foods are high in calories, fat, salt and sugar which all have an impact on your health.

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  • Healthier Cooking

    There are so many different recipes you can try. Here are just a few suggestions of places to look for healthier inspiration.

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  • Happy hydration

    We need 6-8 glasses of fluid every day to stay hydrated.

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  • Eat well - reduce your cancer risk

    Some foods, such as processed foods, red meat and salt-preserved foods, can increase the risk of developing cancer, while others, such as fruits, vegetables and foods high in fibre, can reduce the risk of cancer.

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  • Keeping a healthy weight to reduce cancer risk

    After smoking, obesity is the second biggest preventable cause of cancer. In England, over 60% of the population is overweight or obese.

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Healthy Peterborough is led by:
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