Aug-Sept 2016 - Physical Activity

Healthy Peterborough

  • How fit are you?

    The Department of Health recommends that adults should do 150 minutes of moderate intensity physical activity a week.  This can easily be broken down to 5 sessions of 30 minutes of aerobic activity such as cycling or fast walking. 

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  • Sit less and move more

    Modern day life means it’s never felt easier to get to the end of the day and realise you’ve been sat down for most of it. Finding ways to be more active can start with reducing the amount of time we spend sitting down.

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  • Build strength

    Building your strength helps keep your muscles, bones and joints strong. This will help you feel stronger, more flexible and full of energy.

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  • Get moving now
    It is estimated in the UK that one out of every six premature deaths results from not being physically active.  Physical inactivity costs the NHS £900 million and if we take into account broader societal costs, this rises to £7.4bn per year. 
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  • Protect your mind

    Being active is really good for your mind as well as your body. Getting some physical activity each day can help prevent you getting depression, anxiety and other mental health problems.

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  • Benefits of physical activity

    It's the miracle cure we've all been waiting for. It can reduce your risk of major illnesses, such as heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes and cancer by up to 50% and lower your risk of early death by up to 30%.

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  • Active Travel

    We all rely on cars and public transport, because they make our lives so easy.  Choosing more active ways to get around is a fun and easy way to fit more activity into your daily routine. 

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  • Age well

    Living healthily in middle age can double your chances of being healthy when you are 70.  Being active is critical to maintain a healthy body and mind for later years, and reduced health in later life is not inevitable.

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  • Pedal yourself to a healthier lifestyle

    There are over 250km of cycle lanes and paths in Peterborough make cycling safe, accessible and enjoyable for the whole family.

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  • Set yourself a Great Eastern Challenge

    Why not set yourself the challenge to be part of one of the biggest and best half marathons in the region. If your fitness levels aren't up for the half marathon, sign up for the 5k fun run.

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  • Walking for health

    Vivacity have joined forces with Walking for Health and are currently running FREE local walks in the Peterborough area.

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  • Weekly park runs

    A FREE 5k parkrun every Saturday for everyone from complete novices looking to get started on their "running journey" or a seasoned athlete wanting to use this as a part of a training schedule.

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Healthy Peterborough is led by:
  • Peterborough City Council
  • Peterborough Pharmacies
  • Peterborough and Stamford Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust